I started in the business world.   I took business administration in college. I came to Texas and did retail clothing sales, eventually moving to outside sales for CCP industries, a business supply company. 

Eventually, I transitioned to stay at home mom so I could focus my time and attention on my son.  I began to make my way back into the business world with a booth in a consignment style shop.  After some false starts, I found my niche in collectibles, antiques, and eventually classic furniture. This led me further down the road of fixing and restoring older pieces as I found my footing with working with older pieces. As I became more comfortable modifying and updating older pieces, I noticed a preference for easy to use, non irritating products and became a Country Chic retailer as I truly appreciated their products and lineup. This is especially important to me as I have asthma and need to be able to work with chemicals in a safe manner for my health.