Using clear coat to protect your work

How To Apply Clear Coat

Clear Coat is a beautiful, satin-finish top coat that adds durability and protection to the finish of your painted furniture.

Clear Coat is environmentally-conscious with no VOCs and easy soap and water clean-up. If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, you can find it at the bottom of this page.

Click here to find a local retailer where you can purchase Clear Coat, or order it from our online shop!

A bit about Clear Coat

If you’ve ever used our Tough Coat before, you will likely notice that Clear Coat has less of a learning curve to it, so it’s ideal for beginner painters. If you’re wondering what makes these two finishing products different, here’s a bit more information:

Clear Coat

◦ Dries fairly quickly

◦ Less odor

◦ Easy-to-use

◦ Strong finish

◦ Needs 3-4 coats for optimal protection

◦ Exceeds VOC regulations: Zero VOC

Tough Coat

◦ Dries more quickly

◦ More odor

◦ Bigger learning curve

◦ Extremely durable finish

◦ Needs 1-2 coats for optimal protection

◦ VOC compliant

Let your paint coat dry

It is very important to make sure that you let your last coat of paint dry for at least 24 hours before proceeding with Clear Coat, otherwise you may end up with a streaky finish. If your work space is cold or particularly humid, you’ll definitely want to wait even longer so your paint coats have plenty of time to dry all the way through.

Stir your Clear Coat

Just like with our Tough Coat, Clear Coat should never be shaken. Instead, open up your jar and give it a good stir for about one minute to make sure all the ingredients are combined well. If you shake the jar, you can incorporate bubbles which will show up on your finish.

Apply your first coat

To achieve a nice, smooth finish, it’s easiest to apply Clear Coat with a painting sponge, but you can also use a synthetic bristle paint brush if you prefer. Use long, smooth strokes in one direction to avoid adding texture and don’t go over the same area more than once. If you notice any areas that you missed, wait until the whole coat has dried, then you can correct it with the next coat.

Allow each coat of Tough Coat to dry for 2-3 hours before starting the next coat.

Finish with 3-4 coats

For optimal durability, we recommend sealing your piece with 3-4 coats of Clear Coat. Although the full cure time of Clear Coat is about 3-4 weeks, you can start using your piece after just 24 hours. Be gentle with your piece for the first few weeks and avoid rigorous cleaning to avoid damaging the finish.

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